JOHO Moves Into NDSU Research & Technology Park

JOHO, a data reporting & analytics company dedicated to improving performance for Community Banks and Credit Unions across America, today announced the company is moving its headquarters to the NDSU Research & Technology Park.

Known as a “Startup Incubator,” the Technology Park campus creates an entrepreneurial culture that fosters innovation and encourages technology-focused companies. The unique environment provides the tech businesses located there with access to the programs and services needed to quickly succeed.

“As we ready our launch of a complete suite of new JOHO data products this year, the NDSU Tech Campus seemed the perfect fit for our tech business,” said Jim Rohde, JOHO Founder & CEO. “I’m confident that our software engineers will thrive in the incubator environment of the Tech Center.”

JOHO is making new financial data systems available in the fourth quarter of 2020 to Community Banks and Credit Unions. The data will be stored in Microsoft Azure in the cloud. To give financial institutions an easy, affordable, quick way to start, JOHO will be instituting a free program, as well as low monthly pricing for the data.

“We are unique, in that our financial data processing is the fastest in the industry,” continued Rohde. “Couple that with the easy-to-use dashboards and we feel we will set new standards in financial data mining. So far, bank professionals have really liked what they’ve seen!”

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