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JOHO Launches New Data Solutions for Community Banks and Credit Unions –Affordable Products Make Starting Quick and Easy.

New website details 3 new daily and on-demand data solutions that will help Community Banks and Credit Unions improve performance in today’s competitive financial marketplace.

JOHO, LLC (, a data reporting and analytics company dedicated to improving performance for Community Banks and Credit Unions, today announced the launch of 3 new products to help these financial institutions compete through receiving daily and on-demand accurate data. Each product is affordable, allowing Community Banks and Credit Unions an easy entry into competing through vital data.

The new JOHO products include:

  1. JOHO KeyMetrics™ – the top key financial metrics banks and credit unions want. This detailed General Ledger data is affordably priced from $500 a month.
  2. JOHO EasyStart™ – offers department reports in 5 key areas: General Ledger, Loans, Deposits, Customer, and Custom Reports.
  3. JOHO Enterprise™ – the most comprehensive data solution available today, combining unlimited data sources, providing unlimited reports… daily, and on-demand.

“Community Banks and Credit Unions are the financial backbone of America,” said Jim Rohde, Founder & CEO of JOHO. “They deserve the same valuable data that the large mega-banks receive to help make data-driven decisions. JOHO is focused on making sure they can access this data in a fast, easy, affordable way.”

“The automated Board Reports are one of the most important tools we rely on,” said Ryan McCurley, President of Peoples First Savings Bank in Ohio. “There’s no other bank data system like this, and the JOHO team is great to work with.”

JOHO has partnered with Microsoft, ensuring the data reporting and analytics solutions are safe and secure in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

If needed, the JOHO experienced marketing division, Creative Storm, can help banks and credit unions build successful marketing programs, from the data received.

“Today’s Community Banks and Credit Unions need timely, accurate data to achieve and be top-performers,” continued Rohde. “Automated operational success, data-based financial success, and timely regulatory success are available through our JOHO OneSource™ solutions.”

JOHO data solutions are designed to be up and running in days…not months. Interested bank and credit union management are encouraged to find out more by contacting Ken Miller, at (513) 315-0737 or


In 2007, Jim Rohde left Corporate America with the intent of helping companies help themselves. A former CPA and entrepreneur with passion for process improvement, business intelligence, and data analytics, Jim founded Inphinity Solutions, Inc. After years working with C-Level Executives, Jim recognized the need for significant improvement in the way Community Banks and Credit Unions gather and analyze data. The company was re-branded “JOHO” – the Japanese word for information, and the first complete data solution was launched in 2017. Today, JOHO is recognized as the #1 data solution of America’s top-performing Community Banks and Credit Unions.

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Investor Relations and Media Contact:
Mike Dektas
(513) 266-3590

Sales Contact:
Ken Miller
(513) 315-0737

Product and R&D Contact:
Jim Rohde
(701) 799-2075

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“The future success of banks and credit unions hangs on their ability to put data to use, especially for marketing and improving the customer experience.” —The Financial Brand

The proliferation of data, rising consumer expectations, and the vast potential of data tools make data management crucial for Community Bank and Credit Union success. Now there are affordable ways for these community-based financial institutions to get valuable data to improve bank performance and compete in today’s financial marketplace.

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JOHO Data products are designed to offer quick, easy, affordable ways for Community Banks and Credit Unions to receive the data they need on a DAILY and ON-DEMAND basis. This vital information will guide financial decisions to produce the cutting-edge top performance demanded from today’s Community Banks and Credit Unions.

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JOHO Moves Into NDSU Research & Technology Park

JOHO, a data reporting & analytics company dedicated to improving performance for Community Banks and Credit Unions across America, today announced the company is moving its headquarters to the NDSU Research & Technology Park.

Known as a “Startup Incubator,” the Technology Park campus creates an entrepreneurial culture that fosters innovation and encourages technology-focused companies. The unique environment provides the tech businesses located there with access to the programs and services needed to quickly succeed.

“As we ready our launch of a complete suite of new JOHO data products this year, the NDSU Tech Campus seemed the perfect fit for our tech business,” said Jim Rohde, JOHO Founder & CEO. “I’m confident that our software engineers will thrive in the incubator environment of the Tech Center.”

JOHO is making new financial data systems available in the fourth quarter of 2020 to Community Banks and Credit Unions. The data will be stored in Microsoft Azure in the cloud. To give financial institutions an easy, affordable, quick way to start, JOHO will be instituting a free program, as well as low monthly pricing for the data.

“We are unique, in that our financial data processing is the fastest in the industry,” continued Rohde. “Couple that with the easy-to-use dashboards and we feel we will set new standards in financial data mining. So far, bank professionals have really liked what they’ve seen!”

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